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Urban myth card game

urban myth card game

At its core there is an amusing trivia game paragon casino resort concerts here.
All of the other players try to determine if what was read is true or if it is a play munsters slot machine myth.
The game includes over 1,000 questions so that jackpot city casino free slots is nice as well.
The person who was right is the only player who gets the card.If none of the players correctly guessed the myth's veracity, the quiz master takes the card.After the answer to the first question is revealed, unless you know the answer for sure you might as well guess the opposite for the other question since you will usually be correct.I dont know why the creators felt the need to add a board to the game since it really wasnt necessary.The first player who can spell the word True or Myth with the cards they have collected, wins the game.In our games players frequently accidentally moved the wrong way around a ring.This time you're guessing if a given urban myth is true or false.Most of the time everyone is playing, either guessing or playing quiz master.In order to enjoy the game you pretty much have to just take the trivia cards and create your own rules for the gameplay.Unfortunately it has a number of flaws that drag it down.

The gameboard adds unnecessary luck and is a total waste of time and space.
The game instead decides to have you move around the gameboard with each correct answer.
Two cards with identical backs would mean players wouldn't need to conceal it with their hand.Urban Myth features 500 urban myths and legends that are split into five categories.Final Verdict, urban Myth had the opportunity to be a good trivia game.Each card contains one or two questions where the players need to determine if the story/fact is true or if it is a myth.To be eligible for the card, a player must correctly identify the truthfulness of both myths and end on the appropriate category after both moves.On those rare occurrences where your pawn is on the correct space, you may already have the letter.This presents a pretty big issue.The game would have been better off just being a normal trivia game where players received points based on how many questions they got right.The questions themselves are urban legends, one or two per card.