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Slot machine costume repair

Old or new white shirt to cut 1 meter addressable led strip from.
Cut some more fabric strips to 1 1/2 sunset station casino theater wide by as long as the other strips you just made.
I made the box out of insulation board which I then covered in aluminum shelving paper from Lowes.
Iron on following the instructions provided in package.
Start the transfer process following the iron on transfer instructions.This video shows you the procedure for having the machine check its own system.The Mills model shown in the above video can have coins stuck in the elevator section that displays the last five coins dropped into the machine.Cut fabric strips about 2 1/2 wide and 2 longer then each side ( you should end up with 4 strips for all sides) (See Pic 2).I used lights behind the pictures to make it appear that they were glowing.The inner workings are probably a little more complex than you expect.I also found hobbytown slot cars refurbished slot machine buttons on eBay as well.Peal the backing off the Heat-N-Bond of the wider strips and lay facing down on top of small strips being sure it is centered.I ordered actual slot machine reel pictures from eBay which I put on plastic cylinders I found.Thankfully, antique slot machine enthusiasts have figured out how to use the internet and uploaded plenty of great information about repairing these mechanical marvels.

Curious how an antique slot machine knows how much money a winner gets?
But in case you do, heres a clip from Discovery showing whats inside.
Still, most antique machinery breaks down or wears out eventually and finding a repair person who knows how to fix a piece of equipment thats over 50 years old can be tough.Read How-to build mackra a serb variant using Arduino.Charles August Fey, a Bavaria-born inventor, was living in San Francisco when he invented his first gambling machine in 1984.This Instructable will walk you through my process of making a Slot Machine costume with addressable leds controlled with an arduino!For more detail: Led Slot Machine Costume using Arduino.Cut the Heat-N-Bond to the size of the strips and attach following the instructions provided with the package.This Post / Project can also be found using search terms: arduino uno led slot machine code how to make a slot machine costume led costume arduino, rEAD Serial Communications with Arduino.Royal Vegas Online Slots. .Different models and makes tend to have common jam points.A lot of the functionality from that early game remained in place through much of the 20th century.