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Prayer to win money gain

That all my food, shelter, money, respect, love, power, joy,strong health and protection needs are always met.
Holy Spirit, would you move to make the body of Christ act as an agent of healing, helping unbelievers to taste the sweetness of your law, even in times of great despair? .
We admit, dear Lord, that we find it hard to step out of our comfortable lives and put ourselves in the shoes of others. .You, O Lord, love us with an enduring, forever love when all other loves fail and when we do not even love ourselves. .Please help these decisions to not get in the way of the gospel moving forward in our land. .God, we earnestly want to see change, please start in our hearts.For its in Jesus name we pray And all Gods people said, Amen March 5, 2017 By Jennifer Kvamme Psalm 32 Oh Father, You are our Hiding place, our Refuge.We ask all of this in the name of your Son.

And Father, for the mixed emotions of your people on Mothers Day. .
The earth quaked when Jesus died and freed us from sin and Satan.
The psalmist says the gods of the nations are idols.
The psalmist says, I will listen to what God the Lord says; he promises peace to his people. .Help us to be faithful to notice and join in what you are doing in our local communities.We confess how easy it is to talk about being on your mission, but how difficult it is to practice in everyday life.Be near to them, let them feel Your warm and tender love as You comfort them, Oh Gentle Father.Bring us into contact with people who need mercy and compassion and allow us to be your ambassadors wherever.Please be blessed and share with all your friends.September 9, 2018 Larry Stromberg Psalm 25:1-10 Our Heavenly Father, we come to you again in prayer today as we do every Lords Day. .