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Moolah money board game

moolah money board game

This is a powerful learning tool that will teach students money management skills for a lifetime!
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To get more money, you need to trade more of your time.At that point (if more than two are playing the cash-on-hand of each remaining player, plus the value of each property owned (and not mortgaged is used to determine each player's net worth ; the player with the highest total is determined the winner.Key differences from, monopoly include: no "color groups" for properties (instead, a player must own one "street" on each of the four sides of the board before properties can be improved no Title Deed cards with printed rents and mortgage values (instead, the information.You'll be able to see the consequences of any decision and get a feel for what it might really take to make your financial goals a reality.

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Show Me The Moolah is a business management simulation that uses a classic board game The Farming Game.
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The game is based.Monopoly session with the same number of players (as it is not a requirement for one player to force all of their opponents into bankruptcy).Finance sets) players draw "Give-or-Take" cards whenever they throw doubles on the dice, with similar rewards and penalties.Telephone Company Majestic Theatre Ispwich Street Tremont Square Airplane Crash* Union Road Hilldale Street Associated Airways Grove Road Venture Avenue "Waldorf Hotel "United Trust.Players begin with a set amount of money.Kids set their prices and buy and sell items making their way around the board.

In 2005 under license from Hasbro, Winning Moves republished the 1950s version with new property names.
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