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Circle bingo

Use teabag tags for markers.
Where we came from: Collect baby pictures from your students.
When discussing emotionally charged topics, its important to have guidelines to foster a safe space.
Have your students poker 21 snap, clap, or shake both hands when they hear something that resonates with them."Heart Like a Wheel" 3:59.So we have developed some printable games exclusively related to tea parties.Then call your selections and see who gets bingo first.The protocol is guided by four agreementsstay engaged, experience discomfort, speak your truth, and expect and accept nonclosure.

This helps each student know how they and other students are feeling, what different emotions look like, and how to better interact with their peers based on how theyre feeling.
When Mindfulness Feels Like a Necessity.".
For some added interest, supply different types of leaves."Get On Home" 4:02.Team with the most points wins.4 5 6, a twelfth studio album: Abracadabra, was expediently recorded by the Steve Miller Band and released, its title single being issued a month prior: spearheaded by the success of the "Abracadabra" single - the Band's third #1 hit and their most successful.Give extra points to those who have all three letters of t-e-a in them.We dont see people sometimes, says Ballard, and this exercise helps students to see each other more deeply.Each student introduces their partner to the class, speaking as if they were their partner, while the rest of the class looks at the student being introduced.For example team, steak.Have a conversation with someone you dont know.2 (The band's, greatest Hits 197478 compilation disc had been issued in November 1978.) In its original vinyl album format, Circle of Love featured a total of five tracks, Side 2 of the album comprising one extended track: "Macho City" (18:32).

Appreciation, apology, aha: Have your students get in a circle and share an appreciation, apology, or realization with the group.
Have your students focus on one noise and describe it to themselves and recall the last time they interacted with.
Circle CG Farm Campground welcomes you.