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Bonus calculation formula 2017

bonus calculation formula 2017

Bonus is to be calculated for eligible employees assuming salary ( Basic).3500.00 per month or less, if, it is less then.3500.00 ltiply the yearly sum of salary thus worked out as per above clause 3 with rate of bonus.
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Best, Mark, register To common casino games 770 Reply, 05:22 AM #2, re: Employee Bonus Calculation using IF formula.It must be an IF statement I assume.Please read them by clicking here.The bonus scale is 30 for amounts between 50k-75k, 40 for amounts between 75k-100k and 50 for amounts over 100k.The quantum of total bonus amount will be known by using Register A B specified in the act.Eligibility: Bonus under Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 is required to be to employees whose salary (Basic) is of less than.10000.00 per month during the accounting year for which bonus is to be paid.Hi there, I need to calculate the bonus to be received by an employee who has generated total sales of for example 80,000.Richard Buttrey, if any of the responses have helped then please consider rating them by clicking the small star icon below the post.

With reference to note 1, if prorate bonus is paid on 10-Aug-10, next bonus date should appear as 10-Aug-11.
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Login or Register to view this content.If starting date is after 1-Jul-10, next bonus date should be mentioned accordingly.If Starting date is 10-Aug-06,prorate bonus to calculated from 1-Jul-10 to 10-Aug-10.Hi, One way, formula: Please.The figure is bonus payable to employee under the act.Please find the attached file for bonus Calculation.The bonus threshold is 50,000 up to which no bonus is receivable (as this covers his basic pay/costs).Return of payment of bonus is to be submitted with ALC or other designated authority under the act, within 30 days of payment of bonus to employees.

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